Collection: Vetus et Novum

These hybrid creations are my way of bridging the gap between two seemingly disparate worlds, proving that art is an ever-evolving conversation that transcends the boundaries of time and technique. By injecting a dose of whimsy and wonder into these age-old masterpieces, I invite viewers to reevaluate the familiar, encouraging them to see art in a new, dynamic light.

"Vetus et Novum" is a delightful dance between the elegance of antiquity and the innovation of today, reminding us that the past is the foundation upon which we build the future. It's my digital love letter to the artists who came before, a playful nudge to inspire us all to push the boundaries of creativity and keep the artistic flame alive. So, take a step into this visual time machine, where tradition meets technology, and where the art of yesterday finds its place in the gallery of tomorrow.