Marlies Plank

I am a photographic artist and graphic designer whose work surveys the surreal, the dreamlike and the uncanny. Born in Vienna in 1981,I have exhibited extensively throughout Europe and North America at galleries including the Museum of Photography, Los Angeles ,Pavlovs Dog Gallery,Berlin and had my work presented at Billboards across L.A. Clients include Maison Valentino, Le Monde, Die Zeit and Harvard Business Review among others.

Soapbubble Studies

Dream On - The Early Years

Peach Bums

Independent Singles

Ready to Hang

Venus with Fur

Soapbubble Studies -Lockdown Edition

Life needs more glitter


Vetus et Novum


Exit Through The Giftshop

Soapbubble Studies

Dream on !

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Please contact for any questions you might have ! I am a one woman show but still try to reply immediately.