Marlies Plank is a renowned contemporary artist from Austria, whose works represent a unique fusion of color, form, and emotion. Born in Vienna, she discovered her passion for photography at an early age. Marlies Plank's art stands out for her ability to blend abstract elements with figurative aspects. In her creations, the boundaries between reality and imagination are blurred, leading the viewer into a captivating world of expressions.

Marlies Plank had the unique opportunity to collaborate with the prestigious fashion house Maison Valentino. Her artworks were featured as the main element in the designer collections of 2014 and 2015, celebrating the connection between fashion and art. The artwork was used for packaging, handbags, sunglasses,dresses,shorts,jackets, bikinis ....

Butterfly Artwork used for Valentinos A/W Collection 2014

Valentino Bag

Valentino Bag with Butterfly pattern

Her works can be found in prestigious galleries and art collections around the world. Marlies Plank has enthralled a multitude of art enthusiasts and critics, continually captivating people's hearts with her unique artistic vision.

 Dream On Mural in Las Vegas // Hilton Hotels

Dream On mural in Las Vegas Hilton Hotel lobby , 10x6 meters


Her long-term photography project, "Soapbubble Studies," has been in progress since 2010 and has become a significant milestone in her career. In this project, Marlies Plank captures giant soap bubbles floating through idyllic landscapes. The combination of majestic natural settings and the surreal elements of the floating soap bubbles creates a unique aesthetic, inviting the viewer to immerse into a world of fantasy. >> Read more

In the "Dream On" series, Marlies Plank takes us on a journey into a world full of surreal wonders and fantastic visions. The series depicts pink elephants in various epochs and within works of old master paintings. However, the inspiration behind these works goes deeper than the colors and forms the eye can perceive. >>Read more

Her works continue to evolve with new inspiring expressions, making Marlies Plank one of the emerging artists in the contemporary art scene.

Latest Exhibitions :

ImageNation Paris 2022 at Galerie Joseph, Paris,
27-28-29 May 2022

Dream On // Re Union Shrine @ Volkstheater
Showroom U3 11.4-21.4.2022

The Innovate Exhibit
Untitled Space Gallery
New York

Pink Playground Project
19.9.19 Werk X Vienna

The Billboard Creative Outdoor Exhibition // Los Angeles
October 2018

MOPLA Group Show Los Angeles // Month of Photography Los Angeles 19.117-26.1.17

The Billboard Creative Outdoor Exhibition // Los Angeles
E 1st // S. Garey Street
12th december - 8th of january 2016

19th february -20th march 2015
Pin up ! Group Exhibition at Pavlovs Dog Gallery in Bergstrasse 18, Berlin, Germany.