About Me

I'm a contemporary artist from Austria, and my artistic journey began in the beautiful city of Vienna. It all started with a deep love for photography from an early age.I studied Visual Anthropology where I learned documentary photography but soon found that just depicting reality as it is was not very satisfying for me. I have so many ideas in my head and would love to tell stories but as I am not very good with words I decided to let images speak.

What makes my art unique is its ability to blend the abstract with the figurative, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.I like to experiment a lot with different techniques and styles as long as it fits the storyline. Rest assured that after pink elephants, soapbubbles and peaches wearing lingerie there are still dozens of ideas in my head waiting to be fullfilled I always like to work with a pinch of humour, something weird, something funny or something that simply just tickles your emotions.

One of the highlights of my journey was collaborating with the prestigious Maison Valentino. My artwork took center stage in their designer collections for 2014, fusing
fashion and art. From packaging to handbags, sunglasses to dresses, my artistic vision infused every aspect of life. Today, my works find homes in esteemed galleries and art collections around the world.

My most cherished projects is "Soapbubble Studies,"a labor of love since 2010. Here, I capture the majesty of giant Soapbubbles floating gracefully through idyllic landscapes, offering a surreal and whimsical experience that goes beyond mere observation. The series itself is a “letting go of control” exercise for me as the Soapbubbles certainly never behave as expected. Read more about it here : Soapbubble Studies

In my "Dream On" series, I take you on a journey into a world of surreal wonders and fantastical visions, where pink elephants find their place across different epochs and within the masterpieces of old paintings. Yet, the true essence of these works delves deeper, touching on layers of inspiration and emotion beyond what the eye can see. Read more about Dream ON !

As time unfolds, my artistic expression continues to evolve, forging new and inspiring pathways. I'm excited to emerge as a rising star in the contemporary art scene, with creations that promise to touch the hearts and souls of all who venture into my world of artistry. Welcome to a journey of art, emotion, and storytelling.

  • Dream On Mural // Hilton Las Vegas

    Dream On mural commissioned for Las Vegas Hilton Hotel lobby , 10x6 meters, 2022

  • Butterfly Artwork for Valentino

    Butterfly Artwork used in Valentinos prefall 2014 collection.

  • Glassware Design for Ritzenhoff

    Champagne Glass Design for Ritzenhoffs Next 2017 Collection

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