About Me

A lot of people were already wondering Who are you and How many ?  I am a one woman show born 1981 in Vienna. I studied Cultural Anthropology but soon realized that photography is the only thing I wanna do. Later on I found I could create more surreal artworks which were mostly inspired by dreams with my limited budget by using Photoshop and other techniques.I never want to limit myself to one technique or one theme. So since 13 years I have a solid crush on my longterm project Soapbubble Studies which is a surreal addition to traditional landscape photography. And on the other hand you will find me creating digital artworks like my Dream On series, which was my "keeping sane" project for the first Covid lockdowns where I sat there with my newborn son , quite scared of what was happening. In Austria we measured the social distance we were supposed to keep with a baby elephant. To cheer myself up I started imagining them in a pinkish version everywhere to make the whole situation less scary.

Right now I am working on a new series called "Paradise (is female )"where I use photography, acrylic paint and sculpture to create artworks that are thought provoking and crosses the border between 2D and 3D.

As you see I do many different things and probably will never cease to experiment with different styles and techniques. One thing I can promise you for sure - you will not get bored with me and I hope to surprise you from time to time and put a smile on your face.

Some of my favorite collaborations include Maison Valentino
and Conrad Hilton Hotels. If you are interested in collaborating or commissioning me with an artwork made exactly for you- please drop me a line >>> hi(a)marliesplank.art

Latest Exhibitions :

ImageNation Paris 2022 at Galerie Joseph, Paris,
27-28-29 May 2022

Dream On // Re Union Shrine @ Volkstheater
Showroom U3 11.4-21.4.22

The Innovate Exhibit
Untitled Space Gallery
New York

Pink Playground Project
19.9.19 Werk X Vienna

The Billboard Creative Outdoor Exhibition // Los Angeles
October 2018

MOPLA Group Show Los Angeles // Month of Photography Los Angeles 19.117-26.1.17

The Billboard Creative Outdoor Exhibition // Los Angeles
E 1st // S. Garey Street
12th december - 8th of january 2016

19th february -20th march 2015
Pin up ! Group Exhibition at Pavlovs Dog Gallery in Bergstrasse 18, Berlin, Germany.