Soapbubble Studies

In the ever-shifting tapestry of our existence, where the tangible and the intangible intertwine, "Soapbubble Studies" emerges as a testament to the ephemeral beauty that graces our world. This ongoing photography project is a symphony of surreal landscapes that pay homage to the delicate uncertainty of life itself. Through the lens of these colossal soap bubbles, each image captures a moment suspended in time, a reminder that nothing is truly permanent.

Embarking on this artistic odyssey in the Moroccan desert in 2010, "Soapbubble Studies" has evolved into a captivating visual narrative that transcends borders and cultures. With each new environment, these massive iridescent orbs transform into ethereal messengers, bridging the gap between the ordinary and the extraordinary. From urban jungles to remote wilderness, bustling cities to serene coastlines, the soap bubbles bring an otherworldly quality to familiar scenes, inviting viewers to question the boundaries of reality.

As these whimsical spheres grace the landscapes, they echo the fragility of existence. Just as life's moments are transient and susceptible to change, so too are these delicate formations. In each photograph, we are confronted with the delicate balance between creation and dissolution, a poetic dance that mirrors the ebb and flow of our own experiences. The bubbles' intricate reflections mirror the complex interplay of emotions and thoughts that color our lives, reminding us that the beauty of impermanence lies not only in its evanescence but also in its power to captivate.

"Soapbubble Studies" beckons us to ponder the profound connections between the worlds within and around us. Through this lens of surrealism, we are invited to explore the layers of reality, the mirage-like quality of our perceptions, and the delicate threads that bind us to the intricate web of existence. As the series continues to evolve across diverse landscapes and cultures, it serves as a visual meditation on the unpredictable journey we all share, inspiring us to embrace the uncertain with awe and reverence.

In a world often dominated by certainty-seeking, "Soapbubble Studies" stands as a testament to the beauty that emerges when we surrender to the unpredictable currents of life. It's a tribute to the impermanence that shapes our stories, and a celebration of the landscapes, both inner and outer, that hold the shimmering reflections of our shared human experience.


(Photo: Me doing Soapbubbles in Morocco, 2010 )