Looking for a unique artwork fitting exactly your needs ? Look no further ! You can commission me for digital and analogue artworks .Here are a few facts you should consider before inquiring:

*Digitally I can create art that stretches from tiny to several meters width and length ( so far the biggest artwork I´ve created is 10 x 5 meters , which is hanging behind a hotel lobby in Las Vegas )

Analogue artworks are currently limited to 100x150cm.

*I create photographic art ,digital created images and altered images. Depending on the project I may also offer analogue techniques.You may want to checkout my portfolio to see what I´m currently doing.

*Please inquire at the earliest possible timeframe .From the first inquiry to the final draft it could take several weeks depending on the artworks complexity.

*For digital artworks: you acquire the right to reproduce the artwork for a certain amount of printed goods . Copyright always stays with me .Depending on your needs I can also provide printing and shipping services.

*The artwork you commission is unique, only you have the right to reproduce the artwork for an agreed number of editions. I will occassionally use a commissioned artwork to promote my work.

If you are interested in commissioning me please provide as much detail as possible ! A pinterest moodboard is also highly welcome or reference images from my previous works can also be used. Don´t forget to mention the timeframe we are talking about and how the artwork is going to be used.

1, Getting Started : After your initial inquiry I will send you a confirmation mail with a detailed offer for your query.

2, If you want to proceed and are happy with my offer we will schedule a phone or video call to clarify the details. (chatting is also fine with me ).I will send you a commission contract to sign and after that I require a non refundable 40% deposit to start with the draft.

3, Lets get to work ! In the package price you will get up to 3 different drafts. After you have decided for one draft you can still make up to 3 small changes included in the package price.Further changes can be made with additional fees.

4,When you are happy with your artwork I will send you the high resolution image with wetransfer and the 2nd invoice . For analogue work , shipping is always included in the package price.

Lets go ! Drop me a line with your ideas : hej(a)

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