Butterfly Gold Edition

 An Exclusive Opportunity: Limited Edition Butterfly Artwork used in Valentino's Prefall 2014 Couture Collection


In 2014, Valentino's Haute Couture Collection graced the world with artistic endeavor - an artwork that transcended traditional boundaries. Comprising a thousand butterflies, this masterpiece became the very heart and soul of the collection, adorning shoes, dresses, sunglasses, trousers, and packaging. A symbol of unparalleled elegance and luxury, it enthralled the world with its unique charm.

Now, a full decade later, I am thrilled to announce the release of a Limited Edition Print , each meticulously crafted and adorned with hand-painted gold details. This is your chance to own an exquisite and highly coveted piece of the iconic Valentino collection, capturing the very essence of timeless artistry and sophistication.

This is an investment in art, history, and the epitome of luxury - a unique fusion of the fashion world's most iconic artwork and the timeless allure of fine art. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this extraordinary legacy.


Key Details :

Limited Edition: Only 55 unique Fine Art Prints with 100x100cm will ever be produced, ensuring the utmost exclusivity and rarity for discerning collectors.

Hand-Painted Gold Details: Each print is hand-embellished with delicate gold accents, elevating the artwork's elegance to new heights. Each print will look slightly different and will be produced one by one especially for you !

Presale Opportunity : Your VIP Offer: Use code BUTTERFLY at checkout to enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on your presale purchase. This offer is only valid until December 15th, giving you a limited time to claim your discount and own a piece of art that resonates with uniqueness.

How to claim your Limited Edition :

Pre order your Limited Editon Butterfly Artwork

At checkout apply code : BUTTERFLY

You will receive a mail confirming your preorder

Production will start immediately the day after you made your preorder

Manufacturing time is 7 business days

Shipping (included in Presale price)

If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to ask , you can drop me a line per mail or schedule a call with me !




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