Collection: Dream On

"Dream On" takes us on a journey into a world full of surreal wonders and fantastic visions. The series depicts pink elephants in various epochs and within works of old master paintings. However, the inspiration behind these works goes deeper than the colors and forms the eye canperceive.

The idea for the "Dream On" series originated from an unusual situation during the COVID-19 pandemic in Austria. When the Austrian government declared that a baby elephant would serve as a unit of measurement for the distance people were supposed to keep, Marlies Plank was fascinated by this whimsical concept. This absurd everyday measure helped her cope with the challenges of the pandemic and find a way to view reality through the lens of creativity.

Over time, the artist began to perceive pink baby elephants in her surroundings, becoming a symbol of hope, comfort, and magic in uncertain times.

The "Dream On" series establishes a connection between the past and the present, between art history and modern life. By placing the pink elephants in iconic paintings of old masters, Marlies Plank builds a bridge between yesterday's art world and today's dreams. This connection demonstrates that imagination is timeless and can provide us with hope and solace during difficult times.

It reminds us that amidst life's challenges, there is always room for dreams and fantasy. Marlies Plank invites us to detach from reality, transcend the limits of the imaginable, and dive into a world where pink elephants fly and our imagination guides us through difficult times. It is an invitation to dream and hope - "Dream On."