New Discoveries in the Pink Elephant Causa !

Finally proof found was found that those jolly pink creatures existed way longer than expected. First scientiest believed that Pink Elephants did not exist before the 1940ies where they showed up in various amateur photos from 1940 to around 1960.

It is unclear why these photos where hidden from the public for so long. And now finally ! By accident a dedicated Art Collector found proof by dropping an old Rokoko painting ,when a thick layer of paint was splintered , revealing something pink underneath.It was immeadeatly clear to her that she discovered something marvelous.

And indeed after x-raying several of her collections artworks , a lot of them revealed something hidden beneath thick layers of paint. Why would painters such as Degas , choose to censor their images ? Where they forced to cover up the existence of these creatures ? Is this a conspiracy going on for several hundred years ? Who knows they might have existed much longer then from 1500 . Scientiest have teemed up with Art Collector Lisa Palmkern to find the out the truth. Where do they come from and why should they bee kept a secret?

If you want to support the Dream on - Foundation in their research you may want to contact their assistant Marlies Plank . You can also support them by acquiring prints of the new discovered artworks . >>>

Stay tuned - there might be more to discover !

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